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Kareena's world a stage...
"I love the hustle and bustle of world tours, we're constantly on our toes, keeping pace with things. And when we get there on stage and see millions of fans right in front of us, we know it's all worth it!"

It will be a dream come true to work with Karisma
I don't have any dream role, but it'll be a dream come true to work with Karisma, and share the same frame with her. I'm sure it will happen one day.

Kareena and Shahid share their modern day love story
Kapoor met Kapoor. And they fell in love. From karmic connections to each other's kinks, Afsana Ahmed gets actors Shahid and Kareena to share their modern day love story...

Kareena on roller coaster ride in Rickshaw!
It's been a roller-coaster ride for the 150-member cast and crew of Vishal Bhardwaj's Othello in the town of Lucknow where they've been shooting in the rugged outdoors for the past seventeen days.

Kareena and Shah Rukh Khan to team up again
According to a source close to the unit, "Varma has signed Kareena to star opposite Shah Rukh Khan in his film."

Watch Kareena step on the pedestal at Miss India 2006
The Femina Miss India 2006 pageant held last weekend was one such occasion where Bebo put the shimmering lights to shame with her sparks.

I might marry a rich man: Kareena
"Marriage is a big 'no-no' for me for at least the next five years. Now it is work, work and work. Eventually, I want to get married. I might marry a rich man not from the industry or an NRI maybe. But I will not tolerate interference or oppression from my husband."

Why Kareena Kapoor is so excited?
Kareena has just bagged another prestigious historical movie of Shyam Benegal.

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra on Indian Idol
Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor shed their starry airs and chose to have a rollicking time with the participants instead

Kareena to appear on Indian Edition of Maxim
According to the editors of the magazine, Kareena interview in Maxim will "feature her in an uncensored interview".

Kareena and Salman in "Punjabi Nikaah"
The film would reportedly be the Hindi adaptation of Hollywood movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. The Bollywood version would have Salman playing a Muslim guy in love with a Punjabi girl to be played by Kareena.

Kareena and Shahid in Priyadarshan's Chup Chup Ke...
Bollywood's hottest couple Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Kapur has signed Priyadarshan's next comic-flick "Chup Chup Ke", described as a laugh riot about love and confusion. Similar to his previous comical hits, his latest venture will be a package of many comic elements.

Chocolate is good for skin, says Kareena
It is now actor Kareena Kapoor turn to get down and dirty with Lux's latest offering - the Lux Chocolate Soap i.e. a buttery, chocolate flavored aphrodisiac cleansing bar that is packed with cocoa cream and strawberry vitamins.

Kareena and Priyanka together in a Pepsi commercial
The two Bollywood hotties, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, are currently featuring in the commercial for new Pepsi Café Chino.

Ravishing Kareena Kapoor is Indian Diva 2006
After a rigorous session of popcorn crunching and cola slurping Sahara One Television viewers across the country voted for the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor as their Indian Diva 2006, with the scintillating Koena Mitra along with sublime beauty Udita Goswami bagging the title of Style Diva and Diva Discovery respectively of the year.

Kareena MMS II
The clip purports to show Kareena Kapoor changing her clothes in one such room. In the clip, she enters the room, closes the door behind her, and takes off her long-sleeved jacket, followed by her clothes.

Shahid-Kareena to take off to Bali
Lovebirds Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor plan to bring in the New Year at Bali. The two will take off to Indonesia on 30th, which is also when Shahid's 'Shikhar' releases.

I love Akshay, I don't mind running behind him
Well not really. I love Akki. I think he's fabulous so I don't mind running after him. He's so sweet. I am seeing these hoardings for the first time and I think he's looking stunning. As he's growing older he's looking even more stunning.

Hrithik and Kareena are Back!
Though no one is admitting it on camera but the news is that Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor will be seen together in a film directed by Farhan Akhtar's sister, Zoya.

Kareena : So many of my films haven't done well!
Yeah, she's sporting the Indian look even in her next release, Suneel Darshan's 'Dosti'! Is this her new screen image. Kareena answers this and a lot more...

"Amrita good match for Shahid" says Kareena
After working together in three films, love birds Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur have emerged as a hit couple both on-screen and off-screen. But, Bebo doesn't feel so.

Kareena Kapoor unveils her fitness regime
Bollywood's vivacious and exuberant Gen. Next girl Kareena will share her experiences working out with her personal trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. This outspoken girl is Yasmin's favourite star student, and says that 'she has zero tantrums.

Kareena Kapoor unhappy with media
"The press may find it interesting to create news. But at least there should be some truth behind the claims specially when we're discussing something as delicate as people's health?" Kareena said.

Kapoors: The off-screen tale
Madhu Jain's book 'The Kapoors: The First Family of Indian Cinema' attempts to deliver biographical details about the country's most illustrious film family. Adds Jain, "It is fascinating to know that a Hindu-Pathan, Prithviraj Kapoor, who came from Peshawar, would later father a family like no other in the world."

Kareena is speechless!
And for this one she's doubly excited - firstly, she's starring with lover-boy Shahid, and secondly, she's playing a deaf and mute girl for the first time.

Promotion begins for 'dosti - friends forever'!
Promos for the movie, which stars Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Juhi Chawla, are hitting the usual television stations and cinemas.

Kareena to star in East-West venture Gandhi Park
Kareena Kapoor will star opposite Hollywood actor Jared Leto in Kolata Tom George's Gandhi Park. This is her first East-West film. The cast of Gandhi Park will also include Naseeruddin Shah, R Madhavan and Shernaz Patel.

I am at peace with roles I have been getting - says Kareena
Interestingly, Kapoor wants to slow down with her films next year. "I have worked hard enough now. Next year probably, I will take it easy," she adds.

"Salman used to say whatever came in his mind" - Kareena Kapoor
Working with Salman was a wonderful experience. I pairing up with Salman was very comfortable because we are like a family. I'm very friendly with his sisters and it was a very positive atmosphere

Kareena Kapoor says marriage takes a back seat to work
Kapoor, 22, has starred in more than a dozen films over the past five years and believes she and her beau Shahid Kapur, 24, have a lot to achieve in the movie business before they settle down.

Kareena Kapoor hair - and film - make news
First, she has set a new trend in hair colour by dyeing her hair in a rich brown. She says that glints and highlights as well as blond streaks are now passé. A more natural brown colour, which is even and without any highlights, is the preferred trend of the coming fashion season.

Kareena may play Desdemona
After seeing what Vishal Bhardwaj made Tabu do as Lady Macbeth in Maqbool, Kareena Kapoor is keen to take up the director's offer that she play Desdemona in his version of another Shakespearean tragedy.

Kareena Kapoor in a joyous mood!
She is not only acting with boyfriend Shahid in a Priyadarshan-directed movie, but she has also been offered the magnificent role of Desdemona in Vishal Bharadwaj's Hindi flick based on Shakespeare's magnum opus Othello.

Shahid and Kareena relationship getting stronger
Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapur have been in a relationship for two years and they both feel their bonding is growing.

Kareena : I'm doing my best work now when I'm in love
An icon for her generation, Kareena Kapoor reveals how falling in love with Shahid Kapur has rejuvenated her career.

See why Kareena is so excited
Not just my character, everyone is amazing. The dialogues are to die for. Very hardhitting and intense...Lengthwise my role isn't that remarkable. But the characterization is flawless-like Tabu in Vishal's Maqbool.

Kareena tells new style funda
The new campaign will capture Kareena attitude, the style quotient of ''Nutrisse'' brand and the nourishment values of Garnier its general manager Philippe Raffray told a press conference here yesterday.

Rani & Kareena chit-o-chat with Karan!
Rani Mukherjee resembles a night beauty in a black gown with ink blue flakes while Kareena Kapoor ups the glamour quotient when she strides onto the set in a 'hot pink' number and blonde streaks!

I love Akshaye crazily: Kareena
"I was in class nine when Himalaya Putra was released and I must have seen the film at least 22 times. I have this huge crush on Akshaye and love him crazily," she says.

Kareena switches to short skirts!
She has got a whole new look in Abbas-Mustan's 36 China Town.

Kareena bags Mr. Mehta and Mrs. Singh, opposite Aamir Khan
The actress has been roped in by Vishal Bharadwaj to play the character of Mrs. Singh in Mr. Mehta and Mrs. Singh. Earlier the makers were considering the likes of Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan for the role.

What 'turns on' Kareena?
But we just learnt that there is something else that makes the Kapoor 'click'...

Is Kareena virgin? Biggest question in Bollywood!
The recent fiasco over lip locked smooches involving Kareena and Shahid, the biggest hot topic in Bollywood is when Kareena lost her virginity. Is she virgin?

Kareena comes down to earth
Kareena Kapoor is down with indigestion folks! No it is not a stomach upset, but because she had to eat back all that she said about her film career in the past.

Pepsi unveils new blockbuster summer campaign featuring Kareena
Continuing its push for summer 2002, Pepsi on May 13th unveiled its second major blockbuster advertising campaign featuring two advertising debutantes - Kareena Kapoor and Adnan Sami - along with Shah Rukh Khan.

"I am too emotional and sensitive for this industry," says the hottest babe of tinseltown, Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo is light years ahead of her contemporaries in both the looks and the talent department. In addition to this, it is the loads of confidence she has in herself and her talent that has worked to her advantage.

What's a book got to do with Kareena?
Her name spells glamour, attitude, spunk, fame and fortune. But what's a book got to do with her name? Read ahead to find out...

I didn't push Amisha: Kareena
Glam gal Kareena Kapoor has denied rumors that she pushed Amisha Patel during a show. She also insists it's wrong to say that Shahid is getting roles only because he's her boyfriend.

Kareena Sleepless!
Guess what Kareena Kapoor is most excited about these days? A major role offered by well-known filmmaker Shyam Benegal in his forthcoming venture. "I don't know if I should be saying this but after Shyamji narrated the script to me, I've not been getting sleep in the night," Kareena told IANS.

Kareena secret love!
According to Bollywood rumor zone, Kareena is in deep love with a solid love triangle. On one end it is Shaheed Kapoor and on the other end it is an unknown lover.

Kareena bares in Bewafaa - rumor turns out true!
In Bewafaa, Bebo has shot a bare back scene for a song. And the scene seems to be bold enough as director Dharmesh Darshan also gave her an option that she could use a body double if she had any apprehensions.

Kareena is most sexy - Internet survey!
Kareena Kapoor is the hottest sexy Bollywood model says an Internet survey!

Caught off-guard! The hidden side of Kareena Kapoor - you cannot imagine!
According some sources Kareena dreams of romances with people like Rahul Gandhi who has some touch of foreign accents. According to some of her close mates, she is fond of foreign males and loves to indulge in romantic infatuations with them.

No Telugu films, please: Kareena Kapoor
That is what Kareena Kapoor stand. So there is no chance of she acting opposite Pawan Kalyan or NTR as some film magazines have been quoting.

Kareena endorsing Eco-friendly watches
She is endorsing the Eco-drive range for the Citizen Watches. The diamond embedded timepieces come with 3-year warranty and Bebo's personal approval.

'MPKDH' silences Kareena critics
It is Hrithik Roshan's film; he is the superstar. But the true star of the film is Sooraj Bharjatya. I just got an opportunity to play a wonderful character. Without Hrithik and Abhishek, this film would have been incomplete.

Kareena Kapoor: The new Garnier girl
According to Garnier, she was chosen as the brand ambassador because of her iconic status among the youth in India. She will be seen in print ads as well as television commercials.

Kareena Kapoor - Interview
Clad in a pair of jeans and a casual top, her face devoid of any make up, Kareena came across as very warm, unaffected and genuine in this exclusive interview with Little India.