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Kareena picture Kareena Kapoor is the next new 'Kapoor' on the purview. Kareena Kapoor has famous grandparents to boast of and equally popular parents, Randhir Kapoor and Babita Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor has nothing to worry about and everything to get worried about. Never in the history of films has a star sibling risen to a status of a mega star in a short period as has Kareena Kapoor. Currently this couple of Kareena and Shahid is seen together all the time and Shahid has already given Kareena the tag of girlfriend. Karina Kapur Even as a 10-year-old, when Bebo (Kareena pet name) tried on wigs and new shades of lipsticks in her sister Karisma's make-up room, everyone knew that she would eventually join movies. Karina's spunk is what separates her from rest of the glam sham brigade. Bollywood film actress Kareena is very glamorous and charming in nature. Hindi film actress Karina Kapur is too sexy and good looking that even her sister and everyone in the film industry is envy of her stunning looks. After the issue of Kareena kiss video she was feeling much fed up with the media and had chosen to shut her mouth about that matter.

Kareena photo Kareena Kapoor has everything going for her: a family name that spells sheer magic, loads of natural talent and oodles of elfin charm. What's more, Kareena has age on her side: she's only 23 but posses the poise of a veteran. So who really cares that Kareena is also brash, has an attitude problem and tends to rub people up the wrong way? Certainly not Mumbai's top film producers. They are all making a beeline for Karisma's little sister. Even Kareena mms clip with Shahid where they were shown kissing each other could not bring them down as they just ignored the issue and continue with their movie profiles. Kareena has at least five high-profile films lined up for release in the months ahead. Two films on, she cannot be a flash in the pan. But is Kareena ready to wear the crown? The current occupant of the number one slot, Aishwarya Rai, isn't much of an actress, and she's been the Queen Bee almost by default in the absence of the hyper-talented Kajol.

Sexy picture of Kareena But now, quite clearly, it's time for Aishwarya to move over. For Kareena isn't a mere stunner, she is a wonderful actress to boot. Too much media hype can mar a promising career, but Kareena has already shown enough flashes of brilliance to raise visions of a return to the era of Madhuri Dixit. No actress in the history of popular Hindi cinema has put her male co-stars in the shade quite as consistently as Madhuri. Kareena has already done that twice in her brief career without so much as breaking into a sweat. It's clear that Refugee and MKKH were only teasers: Kareena best is up ahead. And that's an exciting thought indeed!

Latest pic of Kareena Kareena latest film is Dosti - Friends Forever. She have a little footage in the film with Bobby Deol but Kareena manages to delivers well in few scenes, especially in the ending time. The film has more concern on "Dosti" and in mean time they forgot that they have two beautiful actesses like Kareena and Lara Dutta. Her recent film is Kyun Ki with Salman Khan. Kareena has once again proved how best she is in acting by doing such a fantastic role. Kareena film picture Kareena did a lover turned mentally retarded role in this movie. In Bewafaa, Kareena Kapoor had played a role of a mother, sacrificing her own love with Akshay Kumar. Karina's Hulchul with Akshay Khanna was a hit comedy film that proved that Kareena could also be a good comedian actress. Karina Kapoor was looking great in Aitraaz with Akshay Kumar. She had done quite good songs with him in this film. Yuva stars Kareena Kapoor with Vivek Oberoi that gave her an upward swing after a long time. Instead of having six actors in the film, Kareena acting and presence was felt the most. Kareena Kapur did a prostitute role in Chameli with an altogether different and challenging role. Khushi's picture of Karina She had starred once again with Abhishek Bachhan and Rhitik Roshan in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. The movie was not well onscreen but it still added a film in Kareena career graph. Khushi was Karina Kapur's stand-alone movie with Fardeen Khan. This movie brings a lot of accreditation to Kareena as a perfect actress. With Rani, Kareena Kapor was far more ahead in Mujhse Dosti Karoge. Kareena pics with co-starKareena was called "poo" in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with Hrithik Roshan. Karina had played a flirting girl's role in this movie. Her charming and sensuality had shown up to the mark in this movie. In Ajnabee, kareena kapoor was looking stunning with Boby Deol. Bipasha tried much to expose but Kareena surely move ahead in acting. With no makeup and plain nature, Kareena Kapoor was looking great in Asoka with Shahrukh Khan. She also done a television serial based on this movie. Kareena was with Tushar in Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai which was her super hit movie in bollywood. Karina Kapur's first movie was Refugee staring Abhishek Bachhan. This movie did not do well on the box-office but Kareena was not at all stopping, she continued to rise and her acting skills proved that she is the top actress of Bollywood.