How it all started

Hello, this is Milan Kaneria, the Webmaster of this website.

I am a great admirer of Kareena Kapoor and used to find and collect her good quality pictures and wallpapers from all around the web. One fine day an idea came up in my mind, why not to share this collection of mine with all the other fans of Kareena Kapoor! And this is how this website comes into existence.

Here you will find the most exclusive high quality pictures and wallpapers of Kareena Kapoor. Moreover, this site will be updated with new images on a regular interval basis. Hope you like this collection, and if so, please do send me your feedback.

Apart from this, you will also find Kareena personal profile, her favorites, her wardrobe details, her interviews and chats, gossips, filmography, news, resources and much more.

You can also post your own messages about Kareena through Kareena Kapoor Guestbook.

Last, if you want anything related to Kareena Kapoor then just drop me a line about it and I will do my best to put your requested content on this website.

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