Kareena Attire

Kareena Favorite Attire "I'm a natural," she claims. "I dislike make-up and jewellery. To me, dressing up does not entail any kind of discomfort!" And her wardrobe seems to reflect this sentiment. No elaborate make-up stuff, no exquisite jewelry, and no complicated outfits... Easy to wear and easy to disclose... A list of sixteen important items in Kareena Kapoor closet!

"My Blue denims by Guess with small butterflies on them. I must have worn them a thousand times literally!" She loves the fit.

"The three black pants in different cuts and styles that are my security blanket for parties and social occasions. One of them is Armani and the other is Morgan. The third is not branded!" They make her look slim and so are pulled out of the closet each time she `feels' fat!

The only make-up item she uses is kaajal! "I'm very possessive about my Revlon kaajal (kohl) pencil and cannot enter any place without knowing I have it where I can reach it easily!"

For rare occasions like a premiere or a wedding there's a lipstick she's extremely secretive about. "All I'll say that it's a basic pink Mac lipstick... I'm not revealing anymore even if you think I'm cheap!"

"I love my French Connection denim jacket! There are no words to describe its cut, fit and comfort!"

"My basic long black skirt!"

"A part of my closet is reserved for things I don't use anymore like my white trousers (not branded) which I used to wear once upon a time but now I just look at it fondly!"

Her first dress was a present from her sister Karisma. "I'm very sentimental about the Versace outfit Lolo presented to me on my eighteenth birthday. It's a black slinky, sexy halter dress that I wore only once in New York. Need I say that it was a smash hit?"

" I get hysterical even at shootings if I can't find my everyday wear black Gucci sandals in my vicinity. My spot boy keeps an eye more on my shoes than me!"

Her cupboard is full of various belts with fancy buckles. "I love belts and have collected about hundred of them -- branded and otherwise. Gucci, DKNY, Morgan, Muglier etc... Of course I don't wear any of them any longer because my pants are always tight these days, never loose."

"My first watch -- a Bulgari that I wear everyday -- which again was a present from Lolo! But I think it's time for a new one now... Mom, are you listening?" She plans to demand for a Piaget with a blue, crystal dial...

"Of all the presents I'm most sentimental about the spaghetti strap top with tiger print which my Mom bought for me four years ago... I cannot wear it any longer but it is special."

"When I cannot decide on what to wear for a drive I pick up my white Cotton World T-shirt or my black Next top that looks like a cardigan. That's why these form an important part of my wardrobe!"

Whenever Kareena is tired or low at a shooting, she perks herself by dousing herself with perfume. "It makes me fresh. My favourite perfume is Vice-Versa by YSL or then it's Romance!"

"In the good old days my cupboard was full of tight fitting clothes but these days it's all loose and hence the Versace sweat shirts that are loose and yet look cool!"

Last but not the least, her latest favourite -- salwar kameez! "I have recently discovered the comfort of wearing Indian clothes. These days I wear them for trials or evenings out. Especially my Pakistani salwar kameez sets in Lavender, Pink, Yellow, Plum, White and all pastel colours. I buy them from a lady who supplies to Jemima Khan. And don't you dare ask me for her numbers?"