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About Milan Kaneria

Hello! This is Milan Kaneria and I thank you for stopping by my website.

I am a Gujarati Patel born and brought up in Rajkot and currently settled in Pune doing Art and Craft business. After completing my school I decided to opt for Engineering studies and selected Pune for future prospects. At the time of admission, I was determined to open a small engineering business of my own but I was just caught by the technology enhancements and finally decided to build up a career in IT industry. However, the plain old computer job did not do well with my expectations and in due course I found one very interesting business of art and craft. I immediately jumped into it, take training at one of my cousin's art gallery and started my very own Art Enclosure that caters to all the customized art and craft requirements of Interiors and Architects.

By large I am quite fascinated by web designing. Starting from the scratch when I came to Pune I was self-learning the in and outs of it. Slowly and steadily, I managed to become a good web designer who actually wants the web presence to be felt. In the mean time, I had done quite few personal websites and other celebrity fan sites along with my very own artenclosure.com that is my official business website.

Story behind MilanMK.com

This name is not usual - and this is the reason why I choose it for my domain name and all the other logins and ids on internet. The story behind this name starts with one of my college friend who used to call me "MK" as a short form of my original name "Milan Kaneria". Therefore, at the time of deciding my domain name my first name was not available and as I was thinking some other alternatives it just clicked to my mind ("MK") and I instantly suffixed it with my name and here comes the "MilanMK".

That is all for this page, you can check out my other sections on work, profiles etc for more information. I will be constantly upgrading my site with fresh content and new ideas so keep visiting.