Aishwarya Personal Profile

Aishwarya Rai Profile Full Name Aishwarya Rai

Nickname Aishu

Profession Actress and Model

Birth Date November 1, 1973

Birth Place Karnataka, Mangalore - India

Star Sign Scorpio

Hair Brown

Eye Color Blue-Green

Height 5'7"

Weight 55 Kg.

Father Krishnaraj Rai

Mother Vrinda Rai

Brother Aditya Rai

Status Single

Education Arya Vidya Mandir, Santacruz, Bombay
DG Ruparel College, Matunga, Bombay
Raheja College of Architecture, Bandra, Bombay

Friends Preity Zinta and Twinkle Khanna

Favorite Subject Zoology

Favorite Car Mercedes

Favorite Food Not choosy about food at all

Favorite Holiday Spot Any place that gives me peace of mind

Favorite Films Casablanca

Favorite Actor Amitabh Bachahan., Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor

Favorite Actress Madhubala and Nargis

Favorite Music Any soft music

Favorite Attire I like structure jackets, form fitting gowns for formal wear and Chikan Salwaar Kameez for casual wear. Jeans and T-shirt does very well too

Favorite Color White and Blue

Favorite Perfume Happy by Clinique

Leisure Activities I love to interact with people. That is s my favourite pastime. Otherwise, if I am alone than I love to listen to music. I enjoy dancing as well but not when I am alone. Music is my best friend. It peps me up when I am low and keeps me melancholic at times. Also, when I want to party, its there to add the groove. It is the for you in all your moods

Favorite Compliment A child at an orphanage told me that my warmth over shines my beauty. I was bowled over!

I Like Honesty, family, friends, dignity, and chocolates!

I Dislikes Gossip, hypocrisy and cockroaches

Idea of Love Is what my parents share

Idea of Sexy A combination of vulnerability and intelligence

Dream Man Should be handsome but not necessarily tall and dark!

Turn On Razor sharp intelligence and witty repartees

Touched By The clear perception of my well wishers, and their humility when expressing their Love!

Admires Strength of character

Possessive About The people I care for

Sentimental About Many things from my childhood

Passionate About Life... Living every moment in it!

Saddest Moment When I did not make it to the top three in my 10th grade

Necessity A hygienic environment

Weakness Willingness to take people at face value

Strength My self assurance. It is present even in the worst situations

Best Quality Genuineness! Nothing about me is plastic

Special Ability To enjoy success while it lasts, but not quite believe it!

Sex Appeal Compassion!

Philosophy It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice

I Believe In God first and then myself

Motto Be kind, there are battles being fought and not all of them are on the battlefield

Message Life is a stage, and we all are characters. Therefore, play your part and play it well!