Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra on Indian Idol

Kareena Kapoor on Indian Idol Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor shed their starry airs and chose to have a rollicking time with the participants instead

The dulcet duo of 'Aitraaz' were back in the limelight again last night, only this time they weren't fighting over their reel love, but instead playing celebrity judges on Sony's 'Indian Idol 2'.

When quizzed about how they felt about appearing as India's idols on the 'Indian Idol' show, Kareena says, "People look up to us as stars and we were there to promote new aspiring idols". Priyanka confesses, "I don't consider myself to be India's idol. Having participated in beauty pageants I have been through the grind and know what competition is all about. So I feel extra sympathetic to the participants. I was feeling nostalgic".

"I am very scared to judge this show because I know one comment from me and their dreams may be shattered," Kareena said. "But the cause is so good that I had to come. You have participants coming from remote places in West Bengal and Rajasthan. It is the hope they have of winning that keeps them going."

For Priyanka, though, it wasn't the first time she was donning the judge's hat for Indian Idol. "I had come last year too," she said. "It's great to hear these young people sing their hearts out."

In an age when even film stars are jumping onto the TV bandwagon as show hosts, would these two sexy sirens join the fray? Kareena does not rule out the possibility of doing so at a later stage, "But the show has to be full of fun." Priyanka however vehemently denies the possibility even in the distant future as "The very thought petrifies me. I will never be able to work without a script".

Kareena adds in a lighter vein, "I would want Brad Pitt as my co host and provide tough competition to Anjelina Jolie".

Kareena was very impressed with the red sari Antara wore for the performance. "You look so beautiful," said the actress, who herself looked stunning in the backless golden top she wears in the new Pepsi commercial.

When one of the contestants, the popular Amey Date requested the two hotter-than-the-hottest star-guests Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra to sing. Priyanka turned to Kareena to remind her of the song she sang professionally for Govind Nihalani's Dev.

Kareena reasoned back that it's Priyanka who has a better voice. So, it was Priyanka who got up on stage to sing the sensuous Tinka tinka zaraa zaraa from Karam.

Among the current spate of TV hosts Kareena finds "The one and only Mr Bachchan to be the best". Priyanka's choices are Karan Thapar and Karan Johar. "I find Karan Thapar's way of questioning simply awesome and Karan Johar's sense of joie de vivre infectious", asserts Priyanka.

Priyanka was nearly moved to tears when Amey Date sang the perennially popular Manna Dey classical Laga chunri mein daag. "It's my father's favourite song and he sings it all the time," Priyanka tells Amey emotionally. Kareena goes even further. "I may not be around to see you in the next two-three weeks. But, as far as I'm concerned you're the Indian Idol," she tells the visibly tickled Date.

Quite a mandate for Amey Date!