I am at peace with roles I have been getting - says Kareena

Kareena Kapoor Vishal Bharadwaj's preparations for the Othello adaptation have begun in full swing, and no one's as charged up as Kareena Kapoor, who believes that Desdemona's character could well turn out to be one of the best she has ever essayed. But above all, the actor is palpably pleased at the thought of working with Naseeruddin Shah for the first time.

"I have never had the chance of working with him before. I strongly believe that he is one of the finest actors we have. I have been a silent but ardent admirer of his for long, and his association with Othello makes it all the more special," gushes Kapoor.

Shah, who has a brief role in Othello's Hindi version, will be holding a workshop for all the actors. "A film like Othello has to be treated in the best possible manner. So the workshop assumes importance, because we have to learn Bhojpuri, and get the nuances right. I'm sure Naseersaab will give out interesting tips - we definitely stand to learn a lot."

Interestingly, Kapoor wants to slow down with her films next year. "I have worked hard enough now. Next year probably, I will take it easy," she adds. Ask her why she isn't doing more films like Chameli, and she quips, "Chameli happened at the right time, I guess, but I have not been offered such roles of late. But I am at peace with whatever roles I have been getting."

This year has been replete with ups and downs for the Kapoors - sister Karisma's marital problems with Sanjay Kapur threatened to slip out of hand, but now things seem to be back on track. "They make a good pair. I am all for my sister and I am glad that things are working out. They had to."