I love Akshaye crazily: Kareena

Kareena Kapoor 'He came, he saw and he conquered' could well describe Kareena Kapoor's state of mind while shooting for Hulchul with her favorite co-star Akshaye Khanna. The film releases on Friday.

Cast for the first time opposite the suave and recluse actor, Kareena remembers how as a schoolgirl, she would look up to Akshaye as her idol. "I was in class nine when Himalaya Putra was released and I must have seen the film at least 22 times. I have this huge crush on Akshaye and love him crazily," she says.

A man of few words, Khanna appears sheepish about such starry adulation. According to him: "Although we didn't get a chance to work together before Hulchul, Kareena and I have known each other for a long time as family friends. Of course we get along very well off screen and that chemistry also shows on screen. She is a brilliant actress."

Kareena is just as effusive in her praise for Akshaye. "He's a very fine actor and fabulous human being. Each time he gave a shot, I would be there staring at him from one corner of the studio - not realizing the effect he was having on me. We had a great time working together and I am looking forward to more such experiences in future," she says.

And while lover boy Shahid Kapur was unavailable for comment, Bebo insists he has nothing to fear. "Shahid and I share a very healthy relationship which is based on trust and faith in each other. We are good friends and each other's well wishers," she claims.