Caught off-guard! The hidden side of Kareena Kapoor - you cannot imagine!

When Kareena was asked by a non-resident Indian crowd (fan of hers) in London what excites her most, she hurriedly replied unknown and unimaginable. According some sources Kareena dreams of romances with people like Rahul Gandhi who has some touch of foreign accents. According to some of her close mates, she is fond of foreign males and loves to indulge in romantic infatuations with them.

Kareena Kapoor is very popular abroad, especially with the non-resident Indians. Her films have always done well in the overseas market, starting with her debut in Refugee. However, her last few films, specially the ones released this year - Fida, Dev, Yuva, Chameli - haven't fared too well at the box-office, though each one of them got her critical acclaim for her acting capabilities. Though it has not affected her standing in the industry, as producers are still lining up to sign her up, it seems to have made a dent in her status abroad, specially in UK, where there is a sizeable population of Indians.