It will be a dream come true to work with Karisma

You are back to being your glamorous self again after a long time...

There's a time and place for everything. First, I had a glam image, and everyone kept harping about that all the time. Then, with films like Kyon Ki... the deglam bit was over done. Now, I'm glad to be back with my glam image and I'm enjoying the change.

Are expectations very high of Shahid Kapur's and Kareena's on-screen pairing?

This always happens to off-screen pairs. But 36 China Town is not a love-story; it's a whodunit kind of thriller. So, people shouldn't go in there expecting to see an on-screen romance. Besides, in Fida, I was romancing Fardeen more than Shahid, so I have actually not done an all-out romantic film with Shahid. Our screen chemistry is yet to be seen.

You've been romancing Shahid so much on-screen. Does that leave any time and space for anything off-screen?

After 36 China Town, we aren't doing any films together, for some time, at least.

Saif Ali Khan is known to be a real charmer. Has he left you smitten too?

In Omkara, I have more scenes with Ajay Devgan since I play Desdemona. Again, I've known Saif since the time he did Hum Saath Saath Hain with my sister Karisma. He's a charming and cool guy.

Your patch-up with Karan Johar is official now. We hear you're doing his next production, directed by Soham?

I can't talk about the film now, as nothing is confirmed, but what is important is that Karan and I are friends. He is like a brother to me, I'm there for him always. I don't want anything to come between Karan and me. I am extremely cautious about our friendship now, and that's because I love him too much.

A dream role would be...

I don't have any dream role, but it'll be a dream come true to work with Karisma, and share the same frame with her. I'm sure it will happen one day.