Kareena MMS II

How safe are changing rooms at film shoots? This question is being asked after an MMS clip surfaced on thousands of mobile phone screens in the city late on Sunday. The clip purports to show Kareena Kapoor changing her clothes in one such room. In the clip, she enters the room, closes the door behind her, and takes off her long-sleeved jacket, followed by her clothes. Then suddenly her expression changes, as if she has realised something is amiss, and she turns her back. The clip is about 30 seconds long and repeats this sequence.

Some months ago, Kapoor and actor-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor were clicked with a mobile phone camera while kissing. Prominent film personalities said they had seen the clip but were yet to identify the location.

Producers, who make all arrangements on the sets, are worried. They fear junior assistants could be planting spy cams behind their backs or using mobile phones to take pictures in dressing rooms.