I love Akshay, I don't mind running behind him

Kareena Kapoor This damsel needs no introduction. From Refugee to Chameli, from Ajnabee to Aitraaz - she's done it all. We are talking about none other than Kareena Kapoor and she is all ready to be friends with you in her upcoming film Dosti - Friends Forever. Here's a tete-a-tete with our new friend.

How important is Friendship to you?

Definitely, Friendship is important is everyone's life. There are 3-4 people, who become a part of your family. Obviously you can't call everybody your friend but there are some people, who are with you together right from your school days. I think they are the most important people who remain your friends.

Who is your best friend in Dosti?

I am with Akshay in the film. We have done quite a few movies together and I have known him since my childhood. When he was giving his first shot in front of the camera, I was standing behind it. He has done around 11 films with Karisma so of course we have a good relationship and the film is also well made.

I have done this film for friendship. I didn't hear the script and till date I don't know the story. I have worked with Suneel Darshan earlier and he is a good human being, a great producer and director. He has helped us (Karisma and me) a lot. I think few relationships are built in the industry and we need to do maintain them. And that's why I am in the movie and I hope it does well.

Is Suneel Darshan your favorite fan?

Suneel... I don't know. I think he is very cute. He is a great person and it's always fun working with him. And whenever I am with him we chat non-stop. I have completed the film in like 20-23 days and it has been a great experience working with him.

You seem to run behind Akshay in the film?

Well not really. I love Akki. I think he's fabulous so I don't mind running after him. He's so sweet. I am seeing these hoardings for the first time and I think he's looking stunning. As he's growing older he's looking even more stunning.

What is your role in the film?

This film is an emotional drama. It's a story about two friends - Akshay & Bobby. So how Akshay hurts me in the film is the core of the film. It's a typical commercial film. It has all the ingredients that appeal to the masses.

It seems Bobby helped you in the film to get close to Akshay?

Yeah he did try but I don't think he was successful.

Any memorable incidents associated with Dosti?

I think Dosti has always been memorable. We (Bobby, Akshay and me) didn't work together for quite sometime after Ajnabee but now that we are working together it has been a wonderful experience. Even with Lara, it was a very nice experience. As you can make out from the hoardings we are very comfortable with each other.

You have been endorsing new products and doing youth oriented films. Is it that you connect well with the youth?

Well, I can't say that but I hope so. And in my future films like 36 China Town, Milenge Milenge, I have played youthful roles. So definitely the college going audiences, who had a gap after seeing me in these kinds of role will get to see more of me in such roles.

Which is your favourite song in the film?

There is a song picturised on me and Akki called Aasia Koi Zindagi Mein Aae. I think the lyrics of the song are great.

Is there any underline message in the film?

Definitely, the line 'Friends Forever' messages that you should treasure and absolutely cherish the moments you spend with your friend because they are the ones who stand by you.

Do you practice "Dosti" in your real life?

Yes, I believe in friendship, and my friends mean a lot for me.

What's the main ingredient of friendship?

Friendship thrives on frankness. Friends need to be frank.

Does friendship travel beyond blood relationship?

Both are separate. I don't mix them. When I am a friend, I keep my profession away.

Going back to movies, hasn't your friendship brought your 'Ajnabee' costars back in 'Dosti'?

Both Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol from 'Ajnabee' are good actors. We gel with each other very well. However, in 'Dosti', I play opposite Akshay. Since my pairing with him in 'Aitraaz', 'Ajnabee' 'Talaash' and 'Bewafa' has been appreciated, I am hopeful of the same response this time round.

Can we take your tuning with Sunil as your "dosti" with him?

No, it cannot be called "dosti". This is different.

What about your dosti with Shaahid Kapoor?

Yes, everyone knows about my relationship with Shaahid. This is indeed quite different. We have an altogether different relationship.

How do you distinguish between friendship and love?

This cannot be defined; it can be felt only.

Can't there be friendship between heroines?

Yes, but that is a professional relationship.

What's the difference between professional and personal relationship?

Personal relationship has no ups and downs whereas professional undergoes changes either way.

Do you have professional relationship with heroines? If so, can you name them?

Yes, I am friendly with many heroines, but I wouldn't name them.