Kareena Kapoor unhappy with media

Kareena Kapoor is upset over media reports that her father Randhir Kapoor is very ill and suffering from a severe foot infection.

"He isn't ill," says the actress agitatedly.

"He's diabetic. So he went for his routine annual check-up. I accompanied him. That's it," Kareena told,

Her father, a well-known former actor, was hospitalised Nov 29 at Breach Candy Hospital here, after he went for a regular check-up for his diabetes. According to some media reports, he also has a bad gangrene infection in his foot and doctors say it might have to be amputated.

Refuting the rumours, Kareena said: "Arrey, it was just a routine check- up! Nothing else. Why are the TV channels blowing it out of all proportion?"

Close on the heels of Amitabh Bachchan's hospitalisation for a stomach ailment, some news channels chose to flash the news of Randhir Kapoor's visit to the hospital.

"The press may find it interesting to create news. But at least there should be some truth behind the claims specially when we're discussing something as delicate as people's health?" Kareena said.

Quashing rumours of a film with her dad, she said: "He hasn't asked me to do one. And I don't think he has any plans of making a film."