Kareena Kapoor says marriage takes a back seat to work

Popular Indian actress Kareena Kapoor says she's too young to handle the responsibility of wedlock and that, for now, marriage takes a back seat to her career.

Kapoor, 22, has starred in more than a dozen films over the past five years and believes she and her beau Shahid Kapur, 24, have a lot to achieve in the movie business before they settle down.

"Right now marriage can take a back seat," she told The Times of India on Wednesday. "I think we are too young to handle a responsibility like marriage."

The couple rarely speak to the media about their two-year relationship, but recently Shahid in an interview confessed to being incomplete without Kareena.

Kapoor said she enjoyed spending time with Shahid and her family, but added "we both need to work and maybe after a few years we will settle down."

In India, actresses typically take a break from work or give up acting once they get married.

Kapoor said she had completed work on four new movies and was focused on doing good cinema. "According to me, there is a lot more to achieve and learn than simply getting married."

The two are a favorite with India's media and their photos at movie premieres and publicity shoots are splashed in newspapers across the country.