What 'turns on' Kareena?

Kareena Kapoor She lives & loves the camera

But we just learnt that there is something else that makes the Kapoor 'click'...

"You guys are pretty cheeky, huh!" the gorgeous actor says with a long drawl, now made famous with Abhishek & Rahul Bose imitating her at various occasions. "Yes. I did a course in micro computers!" Her statement almost knocks our wind. 'Micro computers!' we exclaim. "Hey, you guys think we Punjabis are a dumb lot, don't ya?" Bebo scowls. Getting a hold on our laughter, we ask her to continue, "Where was I, yeah, I did a course in computers. But it was more of a crash course, because I had to discontinue it..."

"In the 2 months of the class, I was more regular with the acting class in the neighborhood than my computers" she says with a peel of mild embarrassment to her pink cheeks. "That's when I packed my bags and headed straight home" she recollects. "I had to act!" she says fervently. "The actress in me couldn't wait any longer. She was itching to be there, in front of the camera to shine & sizzle," Bebo says, looking like the go-getter she is.