"I am too emotional and sensitive for this industry," says the hottest babe of tinseltown, Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor She has been labelled arrogant, snobbish, unfriendly. Despite it all she has bagged some of the most prestigious banners and amassed a fair share of fans. From films like Refugee(2000), Yaadein(2001), Asoka(2001), K3G(2001), Khushi(2003) amongst many others she has done a gamut of roles. And all this in a matter of just three short years.

Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo is light years ahead of her contemporaries in both the looks and the talent department. In addition to this, it is the loads of confidence she has in herself and her talent that has worked to her advantage. And most importantly she is young. Very young.

In the interview that follows she speaks of her relationship with herself, her parents, her sister Karisma and many other personal issues.

Can you tell us a little about your growing up years?

I changed a number of schools. But finally I joined a boarding school in Dehradun as mom was very busy travelling with Karisma. In between my eleventh and twelfth, I went to Harvard for one summer. I finished my twelfth and joined films. I wasn't inclined towards academics, though I am into reading and I wanted to be a lawyer. I read a lot of law books and I hope to pursue my studies in that direction some day. As a young girl I loved to party. Moreover as my mom would not permit me late nights I wanted to party all the more. But now I no longer enjoy this, as mom does not stop me any longer.

Has being a Kapoor worked to your advantage?

If this were true then Karisma would not have had to struggle for 8 years! It has been my talent and hard work that has helped me reach where I am today. In fact though the Kapoor khandaan girls at one point were not allowed to act I had it easy as Karisma had paved the way for me.

From being an immature girl to a professional actor in just 3 years, how did this change come about? Also do you think you have had too much too soon?

With age. I 've grown not only as an actress but even as a human being. When one goes through professional and personal heartbreaks, one grows. I use these experiences as a USP for all my films. I couldn't help it when I was touted as a great heroine.

As for the too much too soon tag all I can say is that God has been kind to me. But then when my films didn't do well the press made unkind remarks. But this also helped me tremendously. Tell me which actor does not have a greater ratio of flops than hits?

What is the relationship you share with your parents?

Though my parents have been separated my dada and me are friends. In fact I love and respect them for this decision they took years ago. I see no point in living together if you do not see eye-to-eye. This way all of us are friends and are there for each other in times of need. I particularly take time out to be with my family. Friends can stab you in the back but your family is always there for you.

How different and similar are you and Karisma?

She is an introvert and I am an extrovert. She is very thoughtful and I am impulsive. She is very mellow. I tend to be a little immature at times. What we have in common is our passion for films and our love for our mother. I love spending time with her.

Some time back you had said that you would square up with all those who had given your sister a rough time, is this correct?

If someone has hurt my sister they have hurt me because we are one. And I will not forget such people.

How would you define yourself?

SIMPLE. That is what I am. I just follow my heart. I am too emotional and sensitive for this industry. The industry does not have time for emotions, feelings and humanity. It's just that my grandfather has taught me that this industry is a temple where one must worship and I am doing just that. I am looking at the bigger pictures in life. I am a great believer in God and destiny. On the lighter side, I hate painting my nails, dressing up and fixing my hair. I am compelled to do it for professional reasons.

Being a Mumbai girl what is it about the city that appeals to you?

I just love Mumbai. When I am out of town I crave to come back. There is this one place, which gives me complete solace - Mahim church, and I keep going there as here everyone is treated as one.

What do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be remembered as an actress who people loved to watch!