What's a book got to do with Kareena?

Her name spells glamour, attitude, spunk, fame and fortune. But what's a book got to do with her name? Read ahead to find out...

Housefull boards for Hulchul is a smacking finish to Karenina's celluloid call of six films for 2004. You read it right, Karenina. It isn't a spell error. We sit down with Karenina for a casual chat and pop her the mostly unlikely question. So, how did you get your name?

She looked at us wonderstruck and then gave a reply. "Well, that's interesting. It just so happened that mom was reading Anna Karenina while she was carrying me. And so impressed was she by the character that she promised to name her child by that name if she ever had a girl. And here I am!"

And how did Karenina become Kareena? "Oh, it was clipped short to make pronunciation easy," the gorgeous Kapoor smiles.